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Community Engagement Residency
This artist residency consists of a 1 to 2 week visit during which time the production staff will hold a series of workshops in the community which the performance is being held. The workshops can be presented to more than one community group during the residency or a series of workshops with the same group. The community engagement workshops will lead up to the performance of the bull-jean stories multimedia adaptation
(A week residency is a minimum of 5 days)

Performance Residency
This artist residency consists of a 3-4 day visit during which time the production staff will perform the bull-jean stories multimedia adaptation.


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Community Engagement Workshops

The Power of No Mo: Self-Love and the bull-jean stories
Self-love is a very important theme in the bull-jean stories. It appears in various forms and is used in a myriad of different ways in the stories throughout bull-jean’s life. The bull-jean stories are more than a collection of fictional stories about a bull-dagga in the 1920s rural south. These stories also serve as a excellent model of how we can recognize the triggers alerting us to lack of self-love, take action to love ourselves to the fullest and support our community in doing the same. Facilitated by Q-Roc.

Gentle Strength: Demonstrating Healthy Masculinity through Movement
Bull-jean is a great example of how masculine people can also embody the gentleness, nurturing, warm energy that traditional notions of masculinity often dismiss as weak and feminine. A great workshop for anyone interested or involved in exploring topics around gender justice, gender identity, and non-oppressive masculinity. This workshop utilizes the concept of Tai Chi Push Hands, a Chinese Martial art form, to show how gentleness can be used as great strength in the context of healthy masculinity.   Facilitated by Q-Roc


Please Note: Q-Roc and a technical professional are the only people who tour.